What would change
if you knew someone
who could create…

Let me help shed some light. 

I am Jason Aleman, an established Creative Professional, Graphic Artist and Motion Designer. My primary focus is to synthesize concept & skill. This is done by identifying your objective and applying my nearly 20 years of experience and success, through a myriad of expert level applications. From logos and layouts to animations and feature films,
Let’s make it happen capt’n!


Graphic Design

Every aspect of how I successfully achieve your objective is done with graphic design. Once the creative dilemma is established , I develop a concise concept by incorporating the goal, and then build a direct route to communicate the overall objective.
This is done by creating proportional size, allocating the right spaces, and adding specific styles with color and typography to each composition and layout. Proper and professional design allows limitless levels of effective communication for all your important content. Contact me for an in-depth look at how I can help you. 

worx america

Concept, design, 3D Design

3c corp

Concept, design, 3D Design

mambo seafood

Concept, design, 3D Design

horizon energy

Concept, design

valmie inc.

Concept, design,

rosinka company

Concept, design

the blonde pantry

Concept, design, 3D Design

Studio 3 Salon

Concept, design

alemundo wall art

Concept, design, 3D Design

roadhouse wear

Concept, design


Concept, design, 3D Design

go local 411

Concept, design

BFH Spirit Night

Concept, design

charlie’s catering

Concept, design

battlefield map

Concept, design, 3D Design

west u connections

Concept, design

lasertag gun model

Concept, design, 3D Design

sagis dx

Concept, design

hightower deli

Concept, design

el toro restaurant

Concept, design

el matador tortilla

Concept, design

spot marketing

Concept, design, 3D Design

ninja t-shirts

Concept, design

alemanarts websites

Concept, design, 3D Design

3D design

Whether it’s explaining a concept that only 3D design can do, or just adding a dynamic element to the design style, 3D design has become a new linchpin in design communication. 
This innovative approach allows achieving effective solutions to reach new heights, literally. By incorporating depth to the concept, both in the composition and objects used in the layouts, your objective will stand out and be more memorable. 


valmie drone UAV

Bfh laser gun

character boy mock 

bbq pit

barton hydromator

parallel rail car

texas hold ’em

backyard patio

backyard pool


logo design

Probably the single most important element to your brand is the logo. It’s your brands first impression and needs to represent what the brand stands for in a clear, concise and iconic symbol.  
This is done with a clever concept, creative wit and a precise indication of what the brand represents. You can see below, the close to 20 years of examples and click here for an in-depth look at my logo building process.

animation design

If the design looks great idle, let’s make it move! Animation and motion graphics give the illusion of motion, which expands opportunities to deliver a message with a compelling appeal.
Animation and motion graphics allow critical content to be delivered in a variety of different packages. Presentations, explainer videos and web promos are just some of the more widely used vehicles where the power of motion is harnessed. With the over abundance of electronic devices and rapid growth in technology, your objective has to reach its audience from every angle. Animation and motion graphics create that vessel in an entertaining and thought provoking way. Look below to see my experience and if you want to learn more, Click here!

alemanarts demo reel

alemanarts logo & title reel

el toro promo GFX

bfh marque ads

alemanarts logo motion

hightower deli menu ad

MVV promo video

TOPS coming soon video

PHCP logo motion

nkem demo reel gfx

bfh star wars battle

barton logo motion

welcome gfx

bfh 3d model map nav.

sports zone opener

virus vodka video ad

worx tank clean demo

brand experience